Roy is such a dork omg and Riza is so used to it she hardly reacts

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If you go through the exchanges made in the chapters the characters knew who to pass the message to because thats who the giver last mentioned. Hawkeye mentioned the colonel last so thats how it was known to pass the message on to him.

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Yes, this is a good observation. Thanks for sending it! :)

I like how Grumman trusted Rebecca enough (and knew about her close friendship with Riza) to send her to deliver the message to Riza instead of contacting her himself. He probably knew (or guessed) by then, that Rebecca would be participating in the coup.

So Rebecca mentioned Havoc, and Riza went to see him. And at the Hospital, she mentioned the Colonel. I think this could have been for two reasons, actually:

This was her way of telling Havoc to pass the message on to Roy, AND she had actually realized Roy was right there in the room and that was her way of telling them that she knew. I take this idea from Havoc’s comment after she left (among the lines of “See, Colonel? She totally knew. You didn’t have to hide”), but I’m not sure every translated version reflected this.

» FMA readthrough - Volume 20, part 19


So… is this it? The last meeting with Havoc…? :(


At least he looks somewhat chipper and isn’t as down as he was in the beginning :3


Aw come on, Jean, stop smoking already!
By the way, I find it quite interesting that Riza closes the curtains of the window.


I love her handback. Sorry for the offtopic, but I really do!
(Oh Riza, please don’t lie! We all know you and Roy meet each other regularly for…specific activities..:p :D)


And now this might explain why Riza had closed the curtains: She really must have suspected that Roy is in the room and she didn’t want anyone outside to learn that fact.
I wonder, is Roy looking so grim because he had to hide while Riza was near enough for him to touch her? :D


And I also wonder, how does Jean know the message is for the colonel? We don’t see him reading the paper at all, could it be he had talked to Rebecca beforehand?


And again, I’m wondering whether Roy smoked when he was young. I know that Arakawa planned for him to be a smoker so he always had a lighter with him, but he may just pretend it now to have a reason to take the “cigarette”.
The content of the message? Sorry, your information is in another readthrough :D

» FMA readthrough - Volume 20, part 5


(I have the feeling I should cut my readthroughs - there’s more parts with every volume!)

We’re back in Central, and in the HQ as well! There, the Führer strikes up a conversation with his new aide..



Riza is very cautious at this stage. She even asks Bradley whether or not he is going to kill her for her knowledge. But that’s not what upsets her. You must remember that Riza recently met Mrs. Bradley and she was a very amiable, gentle woman. It bothers Riza that Mrs. Bradley is in a relationship with a homunculus and she even says that out loud:


Bradley admits that he is playing a family with Selim, that Selim has been given to him as a son. He does not answer the second part of “look(ing) down on us humans as fools”, which I find quite interesting.


We learn yet again that Bradley isn’t the one who pulls the strings in the story. He is also just a puppet playing his part.


This is quite the news for us, especially for Riza. Look at her startled face. I find it hard to describe her face, I feel like there’s a couple of emotions running through and I’m only able to distinguish them by her further reactions (but I’m sure that startled is one of them) -


- because the always observant Riza nearly forgets the tea Bradley asked for. She was visibly distracted by the simple sentence Bradley uttered. It was clearly something she did not expect and it occupys her mind.


For the rest of the scene, Riza’s eyes are locked on Bradley. In the last panel, there is something new in her eyes - for me, it looks like sadness. Maybe even like Riza had to admit to herself that she has been defeated?

I read a lot of theories from fellow Royaishippers that Riza is pretty defeated by the fact that Bradley can choose his own wife while she and Roy can never be allowed to be a couple (thus being free in everything Bradley is restrained in and being restrained in the only thing he was free in). I pondered over that for some time because even though I’d love to interpret everything a way it could support the Royai fandom, I try to find reasons outside of it (since the manga sadly does not concentrate on it :().

But I think my fellow fans might not be that far off from truth. Riza had not looked that shaken after hearing about Bradley’s past. It’s clearly the words he said about his wife that keep her thinking.
As I already said, she had met Mrs Bradley and I’m sure she was very sorry for such an endearing woman to be married to a homunculus. After hearing Bradley’s words, Riza should be relieved to hear that there are some lingering feelings inside of Bradley for his wife, however strong they may be.
But she isn’t. Her eyebrows are raised up in surpris, the corners of her mouth are curled downwards and her eyes look so sad (well, at least as sad as one can interpret it into manga eyes).
It must mean that she is secretly envying him in a way or asking herself “Why? Why is he allowed but we aren’t?”
I wanna give her a hug :(


being riza is suffering


by ゆなこ

Translation by: pinkygal <——— My big sis!!!!! ^U^

pinkygal’s site:

edited by me :)

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Chapter excerpt:

Riza took a bite of a croissant, suddenly feeling very hungry since she’d hardly eaten anything yet. Soon, she felt the weight of someone fixing their stare on her. She looked up to see Rebecca smirking confidently.

Riza raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Rebecca spoke softly, so as not to be heard by every person at the table. “You were there in his room this morning, weren’t you? When Jean and I talked to Mustang.”

She didn’t answer her. Instead, after keeping her gaze on Rebecca for a moment, she showed her a small sheepish smile and covered it quickly with her tea cup; a soft shade of pink appearing on her cheeks.

The brunette nodded and grinned, stifling a laugh. “…Of course you were.”

Roy extended his arm across the table and took Riza’s hand. She closed her fingers around his; a serene smile on her lips as she continued having breakfast.

To the list of changes and new experiences, she would add the pleasure of not having to hide her feelings anymore.



So earlier my mom and I were watching FMAB, and we were on episode 49 at the part where Mustang and Hawkeye visit Maes Hughes’ grave.

And when it came to this scene…


my mom was like “why doesn’t he just grab her and kiss her?!”

By this point I’m already laughing because she obviously ships Royai hard. But then she goes

"Why don’t they just go ahead and have sex on Maes Hughes’ grave? He’d be thrilled!"

And I lost it! OMFG MOM!! (But I agreed of course. And Hughes probably would be thrilled. XD)

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But guys we really need to talk about this scene because they are both wearing civvys and they looked like a couple and who knows maybe Roy walked Riza home or maybe he stayed at her apratment for the night and yes the possibilities are endless!!!

He was working when she called him. He was wearing his uniform. He left the office immediately and met her wearing civvies. It wasn’t really necessary since he didn’t know what exactly the call was about. Maybe he changed so he wouldn’t be recognized/bothered in the street as a military officer? Or because he wanted to drop formalities around Riza? Or because he expected to actually spend a relaxed evening with her since she’d had a day off?

All I’m saying is, he has a sparkle next to his head. That guy is up to something.


Royai Week 2014 by Marion Parajes

Day 1 - Stolen

Day 2 - Constant

Day 3 - AU/Crossover

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Day 6 - Memories

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Fullmetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa


One of my favorite pictures, hands down.


This was made for me, lol. I totally checked the afterword first to see what Arakawa drew.

I got to love the fact that what she drew was totally appropriate for the book.