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OH! Hello :D

I’ve seen you’re the author of Hawkeye and the General. I love that fic so much! I’m going crazy waiting for the update *-*

Thank you so very much! I appreciate you reading it this far :) the next update will be sometime in the first week of August after I get back from Alaska haha so stay tuned!

Yay! ^-^  *——*

Everybody should read this fic. It’s so, so good ♥

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» Dream~

I just had the most beautiful Royai dream in which I found an interactive game about them waking up together. I could choose positions, and the way they looked at each other and the things they said and stuff like that. And I was so happy I was going to post it on Tumblr.

Now I’m really sad. Somebody please create such thing.

Words: 4172

Chapter excerpt:

As he sipped his drink, he got sight of a woman with black, shoulder-length hair taking a seat next to him. Her long blue dress had a cut on the side that exposed her flesh when she sat cross-legged.

"Whatever he’s having," she said to the bartender, a slight movement of the head indicating she referred to Roy, who had barely heard her voice due to the high volume of the music and ambient noise.

He chuckled. “So confident. What if my drink has poison?”

"Then I guess we’ll both die tonight, Roy." He flinched surprised at the sound of his name. How did she know? He looked into her big coffee eyes and made a double take, before bursting out laughing at the recognition. "Is it that amusing?" she asked.

"I’m sorry. It’s just…" He extended an arm and held a few strands of her hair. "You look splendid this evening, Elizabeth."


I want to talk about this scene. this MOMENT for a second.

This is the scene where Riza gets her neck cut. Once she’s cut and on the ground she ‘acts’ like she’s ok. but of course she really isn’t. but after taking a closer look on this gif i realized that she really WAS NOT ok and was TERRIFIED.  just look at her eyes. the first thing she does is look at Roy with this terrified look. then she just falls to the ground shocked. I always hated the part when this happens but discovering the fact on how terrified she really was makes me hate it a bit more. (despite the royai scenes) but i just felt this was important to point out



As the dreaded 100th anniversary of Lieutenant Colonel Hughes’ death draws near, myself and NoVaNoah have agreed that FMA fans should pay tribute to such a wonderful character by having a “Hughes Appreciation Week”! (FMAB/Manga and FMA 2003 continuations)

The idea is to create art, graphics, GIFs, fanfiction, videos - or anything else you can think of - showing your love for Hughes; your favourite scenes, favourite relationships, headcanons, AUs… anything to appreciate Hughes basically!

The appreciation week will run from next Monday onwards (28th July to 3rd August). As it was a bit of a last-minute decision between Nova and I, we haven’t decided yet whether we want to come up with themes/prompts for each day or just let everyone be freely creative. If you have any ideas for themes, feel free to message either one of us! We may also possibly run a competition or two… one of us will make an update this weekend if there’s anything to add.

If you’re interested in taking part (even if you don’t want to create anything, reblogs are always important!), reblog this post to spread the word so we can see how many people want to participate!

Spread the word guys, everyone’s favorite FMA dad deserves this and more!

If enough people joins, we’ve considered giving away prizes like art requests and edits requests and such. Think about it!~


Riza Hawkeye’s backstory is literally 

A back story



So Hawkeye’s thoroughly impressed me 

I mean


oh shit Roy’s in trouble 


he’s genuinely terrified because he JUST got out of the hospital and this fucking thing ATE his flames. 






Can’t do it 


Not today 


You’re on a Mustang free diet bitch 





Holy crap Riza what the hell are you

Ahhh another royai blog! Wonderful! Have a new follower :)

OH! Hello :D

I’ve seen you’re the author of Hawkeye and the General. I love that fic so much! I’m going crazy waiting for the update *-*

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So here lemme tell you a thing I’ve been thinking about.

These two eyecatches were one after the other, and you see the similarity between them. Riza’s posture in the first pic reminds me a lot of when she was showing her tattoo to mustang.

Now, my guess is that the person who’s behind her in the first eyecatch is also the person she’s looking at in the second one.

I’m just saying she ain’t looking at black hayate like that.

I was thinking that’s when she had the Array burnt off her… but then I realised her hair was still short when that happened…. 

» Watching episode 59 right now…


… who the hell still doesn’t believe that Roy and Riza are in love with each other? SERIOUSLY???
The way he picks her up, cuddles her, looks at her and the way she looks at him, the way he grabs her shoulder tighter when Bradley arrives and the way she screems for him and wants to run to him when he’s forced to open the gate…

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» You got tagggggggged~

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Oh, boy ._.

I was tagged by angel-with-a-pipette

1) How did you end up on tumblr? I don’t remember exactly, I think I was looking for the best platform for a (now dead) blog and after an extensive Google search I fell in love with this one.
2) Your favorite movie?
I like too many to choose one, but I can tell you I love all of Tarantino’s works; the kind of movies I’d watch again and again. I love good romance too, and I have a thing for hand-held camera horror films.
3) What’s your nationality?
4) Do you have a favorite band or singer?
Ayumi Hamasaki is my queen ♥ Then Sarah Brightman, tATu, Epica, Nightwish, Britney Spears. I love K-Pop too.
5) What was the first anime you’ve ever watched?
I think it was Sailor Moon, but maybe it was Dragon Ball (a huge, huge passion of mine).
6) Is the glass half empty or half full?
Half full :)
7) How many people are following you?
206 so far. Wow.
8) What do you do for a living?
At the moment I don’t have a job. I study filmmaking :D I actually have this goal of becoming a published writer, too. I still need to work on my ideas.
9) Have you read the Harry Potter saga?
I read most of the first book, before the movies came out. Then I just watched the movies, but I do want to read the books some time. I have them all (well, my mom does).
10) How did you get into the FMA-fandom? If you don’t watch FMA, choose your favorite anime.
It was on TV (the 2003 anime) and the otaku community (which is huge where I live) were all watching it. I did something I never do, and started watching it a certain day from the episode that was being broadcasted. It was maybe half-way through. Then I watched it again from start to finish with my sis.
11) Team Edward or Team Mustang? :D
Do you even have to ask? XD Team Mustang!

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How foolish can a man be?