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1) Roy was in the office talking on the phone with his wife, when his most loyal subordinates were getting back from the lunch break, accidentally overhearing the Führer say ”I can’t believe we’re finally expecting, I’m so happy!” and, immediately after the call, Roy invited the team for a special dinner later that night, telling them he had some great news to announce.

2) As soon as Roy got home he rushed to find his female dog, sat on the floor next to her and tickled her tummy, saying “I’m so happy you’re pregnant” before turning to Hayate and excitedly telling him “You’re going to be a daddy!”

3) Riza was smiling tenderly at the scene and Roy noticed she was wiping out some tears so he asked her, “Are you alright?” to what she said, “I’m just very happy that our family is expanding, Roy,” and joined him to caress the dogs.

4) The team arrived at Roy and Riza’s house and, to Roy’s surprise, they had brought lots of gifts for babies, like bibs, pacifiers, tiny clothes and toys, and said “Congratulations on the baby!” to what Roy laughed histerically and said, “You idiots, we’re expecting puppies!”

5) Riza stepped out of the shower when she heard voices so she hurried to meet her friends and, when she found the table full of babies’ gifts, she gasped and looked at everyone in shock, asking “How did you know?!”

» Everyday life


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1) Führer Mustang found his wife doing the dishes and he walked up to her, kissing her on the cheek before asking, “Do you want me to help with that?” to what she answered, “Yes, thanks, you can dry.”

2) Riza passed him the dishes as she washed them one by one, thankful that Roy was always willing to help and was such enjoyable company.

3) They heard the telephone ringing, and Riza said, “Oh, I was expecting a call from Rebecca, can you finish with this?”

4) “Sure, go ahead,” Roy said, smirking to himself, hurrying up to be done with the chore before Riza returned, for she would love what he had gotten for her.

5) When Riza returned to the kitchen, Roy was nowhere to be seen, though the dishes were apparently done already, so she went to pick them up but, on top of the pile of plates, she found a beautiful rose, so she took it and muttered to herself, “Oh, no, yet another plate to wash.”


a forgotten sketch i made when brotherhood ended

good times

» Overcrowded train


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1) During a mission, Colonel Mustang and his subordinates had decided to covertly follow a dangerous criminal, wearing civilian clothing so they wouldn’t call anyone’s attention.

2) Suspecting he had been found, the criminal got in a train to try to escape, so the team split up when they saw him; each member going to a different carriage.

3) It was rush hour, so when the train arrived to the next station, it quickly got overcrowded; so much so that people had to force themselves in and, with the chaotic movement, Riza found herself shoved into the adjoining carriage— and onto Roy’s chest.

4) To keep her in place and protect her from being pushed by giant impolite men, he hugged her by the waist, before hearing Havoc’s voice in his ear-microphone saying, “Boss, we caught him,” to what he responded, “Well done; let’s get out at the next station.”

5) They finally arrived to the next station and the train was left half-empty but, before going anywhere, Roy looked at Riza who was still in his arms, and she smiled at him, so he said to the other members of the team through his microphone, “Wait; it’s still too crowded here, so let’s meet at the final destination.”


First 3 people to send me a word or a basic concept will get a short Royai scene (with or without dialogues) in 5 sentences :3

Thank you! I already got 3 concepts so the scenes are coming :D

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First 3 people to send me a word or a basic concept will get a short Royai scene (with or without dialogues) in 5 sentences :3




Can we appreciate how sexy he is please?!

Part time colonel
Part time male model

Roy MustBANG


Chapter One - The Watcher


The sun had yet to rise over East City; another two hours would see it peeking over the horizon, bringing weak, wintry light to the waking population. For now, the majority of the city slept, though soldiers spanned…

Summary: Someone has been keeping close tabs on Riza Hawkeye…the question is how far they’ll be willing to go to have her. Set post-Brotherhood, and may contain spoilers for that series. Rated M for language and adult content.

This WIP deserves more love! It’s already over 100k words and it’s an amazing suspense story. Updates every single week. I’m crazy over it, go read this awesome Royai fic.

You can read it entirely on the author’s blog or here on FF.net. And send the author some love if you liked it, it’s only fair :)

My fanfic has a soul of its own. Sometimes it wants to be written. Sometimes it whispers ideas to me while I’m working with it and we become a great team. Sometimes it rebels and stares at me for hours without letting me touch it. Sometimes it gets completely out of my hands and once I’m satisfied with a few paragraphs I realize, ‘hold on, this can’t happen because it makes no sense with what I had planned for next chapter’. *energetically deletes everything and cries at the never-to-be-released beautiful sentences*

Fanfic, you will be written ¬¬


god there’s so much pain there, and i dont think its just the bloodloss or the intense heat in the room

look at her eyes. those are eyes that have seen hell and unwillingly dragged herself back out of it; the only thing that kept her moving forward was the fact that she told herself that “someone else needs me.” it was never a “I need to find myself” or “I need to find happiness,” it was because she focused herself on being selfless for the last few crippingly years.

and to see this, to see her worst fears come true? i cant imagine what her dad was like or how he treated her, but thats a face of shock and horror. 

Maybe its because of Mustang’s reaction to her being there. Maybe its because she realizes what she really just walked in to. 

But I think its because she’s whitnessing her worst fear - someone is falling prey to the alchemy. She’s watching the person she holds most dear fall apart, and its not something she can physically protect him from.

If there is any moment where a character really, really falls apart at the seams, I think it could be this.  





sometimes you hear the correct pronunciation for something and you just

refuse to acknowledge it at all

The Latin American dub of FMA pronunciates Mustang as “Moostang” and I called him that for years. That was until I…

Oh my god, Wunly is even better that Mooooooohoooooostang XDDDDDDD

I don’t remember this but I only watched 03 in Latin American dub. About Brotherhood’s dub I only watched the Royai scenes. BUT I clearly remember this exchange (I don’t remember the exact words though):

Winry: “Please, call me Winry

Riza: “It’s nice to meet you, Winly.”

Talk about confusion! o_o (It’s not the VA’s fault though, they don’t listen to other characters’s lines, they just record their own lines one after another and go home. It’s the director’s fault.)

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OH MY GOSH, you made me laugh SO HARD with this:


11) What time is it? IT’S TIME TO LIGHT UP THE DIGGY DIGGY DARK! ;D It’s also 12:30 pm.

I was still in the convention (I was waiting for someone and bored :p) and I had to try so hard not to laugh xD That’s the best answer EVER!!

Also, may I answer one of your questions? The answers just popped into my mind while I read them.

7) Fill in the blanks, use your imagination! a) I can’t afford to lose you (well duh!)  b) Roy said to Riza, “Lieutenant, you are beautiful ♥” c) And Riza replied, “Colonel, I know (typical Han Solo XD)


I’m glad I made you laugh :3 And yes, you may :D



While in the Military Academy, Hughes found a letter in Roy’s drawer. It was addressed to a certain girl named Riza, who Mustang claimed to be his master’s daughter. From that day on, Maes started teasing Roy with his infamous phrase: ‘Get yourself a wife!’.

Submitted by aitoseishun

Yay for all the headcanons that suppose Roy and Riza wrote letters to each other during their separation :3

(Did I say letter? I hope you’ve already read Letters from Elizabeth by doyouevenhavetoask! Chapter 8 is up <3)


fmaweek day 14: whatever you like

Fullmetal Alchemist MBTI chart: click here for full res

» 11 Questions


The Rules

11 people:

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1) Do you have a piercing? No. I don’t like the idea of having my skin pierced because of both the little hole that would remain and the horrible pain (I’m very sensitive D: …and a coward too maybe)
2) What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries I guess. Summer season fruits.
3) If you won the lottery, what would you do with your money? Buy a place to live in and/or invest it to keep making money.
4) Pick three things you’d like to have on an abandoned island. A computer with internet connection, that’s vital. Sunscreen? A huge warm blanket.
5) Do you do sports? No, I don’t like sports. I only love dancing.
6) Do you prefer to read the manga or would you rather watch the anime (in general)? In general, just the anime.
7) Do you own IKEA furniture? xD No :3
8) Playstation or Xbox? PlayStation! ♥
9) Would you rather discover a star or a new life form? New life form.
10) Nintendo DS or PSP/Vita? Nintendo DS because of Pokémon and because a group of friends all have it and they meet to play together and I’m there like… watching TV or something ;_;
11) What time is it? IT’S TIME TO LIGHT UP THE DIGGY DIGGY DARK! ;D It’s also 12:30 pm.

My questions for my victims the people I’ll tag:

1) Fave kind of chocolate?

2) What do you wear to bed?

3) Recommend me an anime that’s already finished:

4) Sleepover! Pick three characters of any fandom:

5) Have you ever been to another country (if so which one/s)?

6) A song I should listen to:

7) Fill in the blanks, use your imagination! a) I can’t afford to _____ b) Roy said to Riza, “Lieutenant, you are _____” c) And Riza replied, “Colonel, I ____”

8) Do you watch The Walking Dead?

9) Do some of your IRL friends watch anime?

10) You’re world famous! Why?

11) What kind of Pokémon are you?

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